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State & National Poster Contest Winners!

Announcing the Winners of the 2023/24 National NACD Conservation Poster Contest:

Click the link below to see all the national level contest winners.

National Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations again to the Oregon State poster contest winners (winners below).  While Oregon did not have any winners at the national level, all of your posters were wonderful! 

Grades K-1 State Winner: Helena Stuart of Sherman County

May contain: art, painting, modern art, and drawing

Grades 2-3 State Winner: Eva Underhill of Wasco County

May contain: book, publication, envelope, greeting card, and mail

Grades 4-6 State Winner: Keegan Gast of Wasco County

May contain: art and painting

Grades 7-9 State Winner: Alma Campo of Wasco County

May contain: architecture, building, cottage, house, housing, art, painting, plant, vegetation, tree, and outdoors

Grades 10-12 State Winner: Erin Burbank of Sherman County

May contain: pattern, animal, and bird

NACD Will announce the National Poster Contest winners in February 2024.