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District Cost Share Program

The District Cost Share program was originally developed to provide financial resources for the implementation of worthwhile conservation projects in Wasco County that don’t fit traditional funding sources. The District Cost Share program serves to assist local conservation education including workshops, demonstrations, and hands-on youth conservation educational programs and urban resource problems. Along with educational programs, the cost share program helps local landowners carry out small-scale restoration and enhancement activities across the county. Many of the projects that are eligible through this program include irrigation upgrades, livestock watering facilities, juniper removal, and rain harvesting systems to name a few.

The Cost Share program has rapidly grown over the last few years with over $150,000 available at the start of each fiscal year. An addition to the program that began in 2019 was the Haul Road program. Conservation planner Scott Susi helped develop the program during his time in Sherman County and brought the project here. Many of the agricultural harvest roads in Wasco County are prone to erosion, and through the help of this program, producers receive cost share for rock to stabilize their roads.  Thereby preventing further erosion and runoff.

For more information regarding the district cost share program contact Abbie Forrest at or 541-296-6178 x102

Or to discuss the haul road program contact Scott Susi at or 541-296-6178 x122