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OWEB Small Grant Program

The Small Grant Program is an easy-to-engage-in, competitive grant program that awards up to $15,000 for on-the-ground restoration projects principally carried out on private lands across Oregon. This program responds to a need for local decision-making about watershed restoration opportunities on a shorter timeframe than is available under OWEB’s regular grant program.

The Small Grant Program enables landowners across the state to contribute to the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds and the Oregon Conservation Strategy by committing to “small acts of kindness” on their properties for the benefit of water quality, water quantity, and fish and wildlife. From planting native plants along stream sides to reducing sedimentation and erosion from upland farms and ranches, citizens everywhere can make a difference.

The Lower Deschutes Small Grant Team boundary encompasses all watersheds within and around Wasco County. Small Grant Team members are made up of volunteers from each watershed council, as well as representatives from the Soil and Water Conservation District and local Tribes.

For more information on the Small Grant program contact Abbie Forrest at  541-296-6178 x102 or visit the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Boards webpage