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Mosier #2 Well Decommision & Replace

The SWCD has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to establish a pool of qualified well drillers for the repair or replacement of problematic groundwater wells in the Mosier area.  Each Proposer that is selected will receive an award in the form of an Agreement-To-Agree (ATA) and will be added to the pool. The ATAs issued as a result of the RFP may run for an initial term scheduled to end in December 2024. 

Well drilling opportunities will be made available during the period of the ATA through a mini-request for proposal (MRFP) process open only to the pool of qualified drillers.  Each MRFP will include project-specific technical specifications and invitation to drillers in the pool to submit mini-proposals with cost and schedule estimates.  The SWCD’s primary goals for well repair / replacement projects are to a.) repair commingling wells at sites where repairs offer a high probability of success in stopping commingling and b.) properly decommission and replace wells at sites where repairs are infeasible or unlikely to solve the commingling problem. 

The SWCD invites all qualified drilling contractors licensed with a current Water Supply Well Construction License in the State of Oregon to submit Proposals detailing their drilling capabilities and commitment to meet the various obligations and schedule demands described in the RFP. To be selected, contractors must be currently licensed by the Secretary of State to conduct business in the State of Oregon, be in compliance with applicable state tax laws, and possess Current Water Supply Well Construction License for the State of Oregon.

The RFP, including all Addenda, attachments, and exhibits, is published on the Oregon Buys  System at (Document # S-R33119-00005674) and will not be mailed to prospective Proposers. Questions are due to the Single Point of Contact listed in the RFP no later than March 1, 2023 and Proposals are due March 22, 2023.