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Abbie Forrest

Position: Grants & Program Manager

Abbie started with the District as the Field/Office Assistant, helping staff with their workload. After two years she moved into the position of Watershed Co­ordinator for 5 watershed councils when that position was vacated. A position she has held for 4 years, until 2021 when she was promoted to Grants and Program Manager. Under the new title, she assists the District Manager with project management, as well as over­sees the District Cost Share and OWEB Small Grant programs.

Abbie says she likes to think that although she is promoting conservation through her work, she and her husband CJ work to manage their cattle and hay operation with the same goal of being the best stew­ards to their land. In her "spare" time you can find her working along­side CJ in the field with their daughter and son in-tow.